Bathing suits

I love bathing suits. Especially colorful bikinis. I buy the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue every year just to see the bathing suits. And my swimsuit drawer is overflowing with all manner of chlorine-scented lycra.

Of course, right now the only bathing suit I am wearing is navy blue and super boring. But hopefully I will be able to wear something a bit cuter soon — we’re hoping to go to on a beach vacation next month. And it doesn’t hurt to look, right? So while I am roasting some sweet potatoes and bananas, let’s check out some fun bathing suits!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, where do you guys look for swimsuits? And what do you think of this new trend of old-fashioned bikinis with super high waists and low-cut legs? I feel like that would be extremely unflattering, but I haven’t tried one on so I can’t say for sure.

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