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I hope y’all enjoyed your weekend! We went to Ft. Thomas, Kentucky, where I managed to fall while running and bruise/scrape the heck out of my knee on Saturday morning… which resulted in me hobbling around the church for the … Continue reading

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Kate Spade opens at Pentagon City

If you’ve ever seen a Kate Spade store, you could probably guess that I am 100 percent obsessed with everything they make. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw they were opening a new store at the Pentagon … Continue reading

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Today was the 30th meeting of St. John’s College and the United States Naval Academy in an epic battle of… croquet. Yeah. And the midshipmen lost for the 25th time. The good news is there were a bunch of amazing … Continue reading

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On jumpsuits

OK. I know I said that no one should ever wear jumpsuits, and that they are a crime against humanity (and your body). But recent fashion-related reality television events have caused me to change my mind slightly. First, Sheena on … Continue reading

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What not to wear for fall… or ever

I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t address two trends that make me want to gnaw my limbs off. Neither is new, but unfortunately they don’t seem to be going away. First: Jeggings and/or leggings as pants. See … Continue reading

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Fun fall fashion

I know this is shocking, but I always LOVED shopping for back-to-school clothes. It’s really the only time of the year that I remember going and being able to get a lot of new things at once, instead of just … Continue reading

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Bathing suits

I love bathing suits. Especially colorful bikinis. I buy the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue every year just to see the bathing suits. And my swimsuit drawer is overflowing with all manner of chlorine-scented lycra. Of course, right now the only … Continue reading

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I’ve been doing a whole lot more eating than shopping and swimming lately. But I did want to share some awesome eyeshadow sets I picked up a while back. As anyone who read my Watchmen review knows, I am not … Continue reading

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Two new obsessions

Since I started an actual fire inside my oven last night and set off our smoke alarm, I think I need to tweak the recipe I was using a bit before posting it. In the meantime, I wanted to tell … Continue reading

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There will be Super Bowl cookie photos and meat galore later. First, some nail polish. If you couldn’t tell from the giant ballet flat at the top of the page, pink is my favorite color. But I also love purple … Continue reading

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