Hi. I’m Jen.

I’ve always loved to bake, but I didn’t start learning how to make food that doesn’t involve frosting or sprinkles until my senior year of college. Now I will try making just about anything, as long as it sounds good. I’ve never really taken cooking or baking classes, but I’m pretty good at following directions. I also try to provide good directions, but if you are confused about one of the recipes, please leave a comment or e-mail me at eatswimshop(at)gmail(dot)com.

I love to swim, but I don’t really like sharing lanes, nor do I like when men ask, “Do you come here often?” while I’m wearing a swim cap. I also have realized there isn’t a lot to write about swimming, other than the fact that Ryan Lochte is hot and Missy Franklin is amazing.

I love ballet flats, almost anything pink, leopard print, sparkles and tutus. People tell me I have a “unique sense of style,” which is probably meant as an insult but I will take as a compliment. I hate pointy-toed shoes, long fingernails, rompers on adults and French-manicured toenails. Also: Tights are not pants.

I live in Alexandria, Va., but I have also lived in California, Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Michigan, Maryland, Belgium, England and Spain.

My other interests include dancing, reading, writing and macaroni & cheese.

***Eat. Swim. Shop. has been featured on Esquire Magazine’s Eat Like a Man, YumSugar, CakeSpy and was thrice mentioned on the Baltimore Sun’s Dining@Large. ***

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10 Responses to About

  1. Molly says:

    Your interests also include pirate hooking dirty-style

  2. Diana says:

    So I’m sitting in my fave little tea shop reading this and can’t help but miss you!

  3. melissa says:

    I enjoy that your photo is one that was taken at my house in front of my futon with a bedsheet on it! lol hearts & stars!

  4. Claritza says:

    Lovely blog! I have a sweet tooth, so this is right up my alley.

  5. sarahsonn says:

    Hi Jen! I just received the double chocolate peppermint cookies. Thank you so much! It was funny, I was just saying to my husband that I reaaaaly hoped my last batch would be something mint. Yum! Can’t wait to see the recipe post. Cheers!

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  7. Esther says:

    Hi Jen! We at Su Casa were introduced to your blog through the Mobbies List – this is great stuff! We wanted to invite you to participate in a blogging for furniture competition we’re now accepting entries for – I wasn’t sure what was the best way to contact you, so I hope this doesn’t get spammed! But feel free to contact me at Su Casa, or go to our site sucasa-furniture.com for more information.
    Esther (from Su Casa)

  8. Sarah Harris says:

    Jen, thank you for your blog. I stumbled onto your “pulled pork with coleslaw” over a year ago, it is now my “go to” dish for family get togethers, though I only started using the coleslaw recipe recently. I live in Australia but my husband travels to the US many times a year, usually LA and Dallas. Unfortunately here in Australia it is very hard to get good Mexican food, of the traditional or Tex-Mex variety. Have you a list of spices that I can organise, to enable me to cook Mexican food easily? If there are seasonings that you can only get in the States, well, I have my delivery boy (if that is what you can call a Qantas pilot!)

    In anticipation of your reply,


    • Jen says:

      Hi Sarah! Thanks for reading my blog! Sorry for the delay.

      My parents used to live in Brussels, and we had a similar problem. There are lots of delicious things available there, but good Mexican food is not one of them.

      The spices I most commonly use in Mexican foods are chili powder (you may want to get two different kinds, because the spiciness can vary. “Chipotle” tends to be pretty hot and also a little smoky) and cumin. Some recipes call for specific types of dried chiles that you grind up yourself, but you can usually substitute ground chile powder for that.

      You may also want to have him pick up some Mexican oregano, dried/ground coriander (assuming you can’t get fresh cilantro there), cans of chopped or diced green chiles, and cans of chipotle peppers in adobo. You’ll also need garlic, salt and pepper, but you probably already have those on hand!

      Oh, and one more thing: I don’t know whether tortillas are readily available there, but if not, flour and corn tortillas both tend to have a decent shelf life and might be worth getting a package of, assuming that’s allowed.

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