Beer and fish cookies

Y’all. I totally forgot to share these cookies with you, and for that, I’m sorry.

Here’s the story: My former neighbor’s sister was getting married to a guy whose last name is Weintraut. Naturally, he called the fiance “beer catfish.”

And so, for her wedding shower, I made these cookies:


and these:


A little random, I know. But just in case you ever need to make beer mugs or fish cookies, I’m here for you.

The beer mugs were pretty easy — I got the idea from the amazing Bridget from Bake at 350.

outline fill

Just outline with black, fill the glass part with yellow flood icing and the foam and handle with white flood icing. Once that’s dry, pipe some white swirls in thicker (outline consistency) white icing on top of the dried white foam. (I kept some of that white thick icing for fish eyes)


For the fish, outline in dark gray, then fill in a few of them with dark gray flood icing. Draw a few vertical yellow stripes on them. Take a toothpick and drag through the yellow stripes horizontally to create the swirly scale effect. Finish with white dots for eyes once the gray is all dry.


I always use this recipe for sugar cookies and this recipe for royal icing. If you have questions about how to decorate the cookies, Bridget has a lot of awesome tips on her blog, or you can email me at eatswimshop (at) gmail (dot) com!

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  1. as always – your cookies are the best!

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