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I had this great idea: Chocolate chip cookies with candy corn. Yum, right? And there are recipes and photos out there of such a cookie. Then I realized they might be overly sweet, so I decided to add some crushed … Continue reading

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Outrunning the storm – Marine Corps Marathon 10K

I’ve signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon 10K twice before. But this is the first time I’ve actually run it. In 2009, I had this weird foot situation and wasn’t sure if running would exacerbate it (I found out … Continue reading

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Halloween baking

So… we haven’t even bought Halloween candy yet. We should probably get on that (when the stores reopen). But I can offer some suggestions for Halloween baked goods! For an orange and black(ish) treat, try the orange-chocolate chip cupcakes pictured … Continue reading

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Tomboy cake

I was super excited when I got the October 2012 issue of Bon Appetit with “best-ever layer cakes” on the cover. But not all of them looked that exciting, honestly. Then I signed up to help Zach and Clay of … Continue reading

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Ahoy, it’s a boy!

You may recall that my¬†former neighbor, Joanne, has asked me to make cookies for a few wedding showers she’s hosted. Well, apparently the cookies went over pretty well, because a guest at one of those showers asked me to do … Continue reading

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Very slow running

I was allegedly a pretty fast runner in first and second grade. I assume this was because my legs were longer than everyone else’s. But no matter the reason, those days are long gone. Nowadays, I’m the slow one. The … Continue reading

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Cheesy mini pretzel dogs

There are many wondrous things available at the Amish market in Annapolis. But Toby’s favorite is the pretzel dog. We have our friend Jose to thank for that, actually, because we may never have stood in the ridiculously long line … Continue reading

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