DC Cupcake Camp

You may recall that Toby and I went to something called “Cupcake Camp” in Baltimore last year. It was low on organization, but high in cupcakes. This year, since we moved to Alexandria, I thought we’d try DC Cupcake Camp instead.

It’s kind of hard to describe cupcake camp, because it isn’t actually camp-like at all. Basically, you just go and either bring or eat cupcakes. There aren’t any activities or classes or anything.

I signed up to bake cupcakes, which meant that I had to figure out what kind of cupcakes I was going to take. I came up with a big list of possible flavors, narrowed it down and then tested out three different kinds. All of them went over well at work, but I decided to go with hummingbird cupcakes with coconut-cream cheese frosting for the big event.

Mine weren’t quite as fancy as some of the others, nor did they have nearly as much frosting. But I still think they were pretty good.

Toby is out of town, so I invited my friend Kelly to come with me instead. She invited her friend Leslie, and the three of us managed to taste a good portion of them with our tasting tickets.

We actually didn’t like most of them. My favorite was the key lime pie flavor, baked by Shannon of Mommy Makes Cupcakes. She just happened to be standing next to me.

Then, a few minutes before the tasting part was scheduled to end, Joel rolled in with his chicken and waffle cupcakes. The cupcakes and frosting were maple flavored, but each was topped with a piece of waffle and some really, really good fried chicken. He was set up on the other side of me.

People swarmed. We bought more tasting tickets so we could taste one. And they won.

Sadly, I didn’t place. Boo. Guess I should have gone with one of the other flavor choices. But it was still fun… and Kelly and I played Skee-ball after. So things could definitely be worse.

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5 Responses to DC Cupcake Camp

  1. If I had known those were your cupcakes I would have tried one! Crusader Jenn was actually one of the judges and Joel (AKA: Josie’s Confections) brought those Chicken N Waffle cupcakes to our first cupcake picnic this summer, and they were amazing! I ate three in one day. Jenn will be posting about her judging experience hopefully later this week. I’m glad you still had a good time!

    • Jen says:

      I saw you guys, but y’all were talking to Joel so I didn’t get a chance to say hi. We thought the chicken and waffle parts were fantastic, but I didn’t love the cupcake part. It was definitely better than a lot of the other ones we tasted, though. I’m looking forward to reading Jenn’s recap of the judging experience!

      • Yeah, we felt that a lot of the cakes that day were really dry. Did you feel that way? I also didn’t get a chance to try the Key Lime (read that was your favorite). Too many cupcakes, not enough time (or tickets!). ;) Next time, please feel free to interrupt! It would have been great to say “hi!” For the most part we hung out in the back of the room by the windows to take pictures of our cupcakes by decent light. :)

      • Jen says:

        Yes, definitely. A lot of them were very dry and some of the frosting was too sweet or just off. It was kinda weird, actually. But there were still some good ones. I understand why they did the tickets, but I wish we would have been able to taste all of them.
        I also wish it hadn’t been so dark in there! I think it would have been fine if it weren’t for the crazy storm, though.

  2. melissa says:

    omg, i would be on total cupcake overload after this camp! how are you not still on a sugar rush!?

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