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Fancy macaroni and cheese

Not all macaroni and cheese is created equal. Most kinds are delicious, but some — like the type in a blue box, for instance — are more suited for a weekday dinner than a holiday table. This kind, on the … Continue reading

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Double coconut, double chocolate chip cookies

Remember that time I made scones with coconut oil instead of butter, but gave you no good explanation for it? Sorry about that. I had forgotten that I hadn’t already shared these cookies. And I’m REALLY sorry about that. These … Continue reading

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Strawberry rhubarb crumble

As I mentioned the other day, we went a little overboard when we were buying rhubarb for that pie. So I needed another vehicle for the fabulous red vegetable. And since we LOVED the pie, I thought we should try … Continue reading

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Happy Shark Week!

It’s Shark Week! You could celebrate with a new shower cap or bathing suit… Oven mitt or bottle opener…   Or bake up some blue Hawaii shark cupcakes… But whatever you do, make sure you keep an eye out for … Continue reading

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I heart the Olympics

“Because while we might not all be cheering for the same country, we can all appreciate hot dudes.” So sad it’s over.

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Rhubarb pie

If you read a lot of food blogs, you may have noticed that there are certain items and ingredients that are super trendy. Kale chips, for instance. Quinoa. Bacon in everything, including cupcakes. And back in the spring, it was … Continue reading

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