PSA: Betsey Johnson sale

One of my favorite stores of all time is going out of business.

I first learned of the existence of Betsey Johnson (and her daughter, Lulu) in an issue of Seventeen magazine when I was about 11. But the first time I walked into a Betsey store was a few years later, in Miami. The carpet was leopard print, the walls were hot pink and the racks were full of tutus, sparkles, lace and bright colors. I wanted to live there. I still want to live there.

Most of my favorite clothes (such as the two dresses below — I think I’ve worn that black flowered one 100 times, and the photo of the butterfly dress is from our rehearsal dinner), have come from Betsey Johnson stores over the years, and I had noticed a steep uptick in the number of sales they seemed to be having recently. But I had no idea the stores were closing until I got a “going out of business” email the other day.

This is good news for you, because you can get some fabulous Betsey fashion at discounted prices — and maybe even snag a lip-shaped ottoman from one of the stores. The sale is online, too. And luckily, Betsey herself is still in business and we can all still buy her stuff through department stores.

But I will still miss those hot pink walls and leopard print floors, as well as the videos of her crazy fashion shows that they show on a loop. Even now, at almost 70 years old, she always wears an over-the-top outfit, usually sports long blonde (or pink) crimped hair and ends her fashion shows with a cartwheel. So fabulous.

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2 Responses to PSA: Betsey Johnson sale

  1. Melissa says:

    Sad about Betsy! But i’m excited that I made a cameo in both of these pics. Are you purchasing oufits galore?!

  2. Sugel says:

    The filing feels like the end of era, when, during the ’80s and ’90s especially, Johnson’s trademark (and always tongue-in-cheek) tulle-and-taffeta dresses and penchant for hot pink and leopard print epitomized downtown cool (and yet stayed suburban-girl accessible). It’s extra-sniffly that this news comes on the verge of prom season, when Johnson’s smart-tart togs popped against the punch bowl.

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