Katy Perry visits the Naval Academy

I don’t have very highfalutin taste in music, y’all. I love Britney, Gaga and Shakira. I frequently tune the satellite radio to 80s on 8. And I will listen to just about anything (except Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj, Ace of Base and Neil Young. I have my limits). So I was kind of excited when I found out Katy Perry was coming to the Naval Academy.

Toby doesn’t like to admit it, but he was excited, too. Mainly because hearing Katy Perry reminds him of this:

Photo from Harper’s Bazaar

Anyway. Between that and the Marine recruiting ad music video she recently released, we clearly had to get tickets.

Katy decided to go with a Navy theme for her outfits, first wearing a white Navy-style jacket (and a gold rope around her arm, so apparently she is someone’s aide) and then taking the jacket off to reveal a cropped, sparkly Cracker Jack-style sailor top. Super cute. Her band wore Navy whites and her male dancers wore Navy camouflage pants and the corresponding blue shirt, while the female dancers wore hot pant versions of the same pants with blue tank tops.

She also made a midshipman’s (Mr. Beasley) year when she called him up on stage… and then reenacted that famous World War II kiss photo with him.

As you might expect, the audience was mainly midshipmen and 8-year-old girls (with their moms), and the audience outfits were quite interesting. I have to imagine some of those moms were slightly concerned when Katy did a song I am unfamiliar with that involved her singing “Peacock-cock-cock” and doing… some suggestive hand motions. Or when she dropped the F-bomb.

Hopefully the little girls forgot about that when she invited them (and the female mids, of course) on stage during Whitney’s “Dance with Somebody.”

By the end, Katy had said “Semper Fi,” “Go Navy, beat Army,” and “Ahoy,” talked about her three days “without glitter” at Camp Pendleton, and suggested she go back to the midshipmen’s “bunks” with them. Then she and her band shot the mids on the floor with some kind of glittery-looking substance and sent blue and gold confetti flying everywhere. In all, not a bad night.

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2 Responses to Katy Perry visits the Naval Academy

  1. Hmm. Blue digi’s as short-shorts. Perhaps a wardrobe change for Chief Joe is in order. LOL :-)

  2. Melissa says:

    you had freaking awesome seats. jealousy!

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