Georgia sorority girl cocktail

As you may know, the Georgia-Florida game (along with tailgating and pre/post parties at The Landing) is known as the world’s largest outdoor cocktail party. But even if you’re not attending the annual debauchfest, you can still raise a glass (or red Solo cup) in honor of the Bulldogs.

I wanted to make a red cocktail, and I immediately thought of the classic alcoholic beverage of freshman sorority girls: hunch punch.

If you aren’t familiar with hunch punch (aka jungle juice), it’s a super-sweet mix of fruit punch, chunks of fruit and grain alcohol. This classy drink is commonly served out of a cooler or trash can* at keg parties and the types of “tea parties” that require you to meet in Sunshine Tan at 9:30 p.m. in black pants and a sparkly top and ride in some random person’s car to a frat boy’s off-campus apartment.

Not that I would know or anything. I’m totally just guessing.


No one will fault you if you have a beer, of course. But it IS a cocktail party, so why not have a cocktail?

Since grain alcohol is never a good choice — and since I lived across the hall from a girl from Barbados my freshman year — I decided to use Malibu instead. A healthy dose of grenadine makes the drink super sweet, so feel free to reduce the amount of that and/or add more unsweetened cranberry juice if fruit punch is too sweet for your taste. Go ahead and add a chunk of watermelon for a real hunch-punch feel.

Georgia sorority girl cocktail (Makes 1)
1/2 cup orange juice
1/4 cup Malibu (or other coconut rum)
1/4 cup grenadine
splash of 100% cranberry juice

Stir ingredients together or shake with ice. Add more cranberry juice or less grenadine to tone down the sweetness.

*It should be noted that one of the main reasons I never really drank hunch punch is because I refused to believe that some boy had really cleaned the cooler or trash can thoroughly before pouring the fruit punch in it. Plus, God only knows what other stuff they put in there. Gross.

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One Response to Georgia sorority girl cocktail

  1. Veronica Lamb says:

    I’ve also been to parties where it was served from a bathtub. Oy.

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