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Butterbeer and pumpkin Linzer cookies

A few months ago, I happened to find some Halloween linzer cookie cutters (those cookies that look like sandwiches, but with a shape cut out of the top part) while I was shopping for something else. They were so cute … Continue reading

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Ode to candy

Mellowcreme pumpkins Peeps, jelly beans, gummy bears orange slices, Red Vines Sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar Corn syrup and red dye #40 You complete me. Your calories may be empty but my blood is full of sugar Sugar sugar … Continue reading

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Puff pastry pizzas

Halloween is all about costumes and candy. But before the kids go out with their superhero pillowcases and plastic pumpkins (or before you rip open the bags of fun-sized Kit-Kats), everyone needs some dinner. And it seems like trick-or-treating gets … Continue reading

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Georgia sorority girl cocktail

As you may know, the Georgia-Florida game (along with tailgating and pre/post parties at The Landing) is known as the world’s largest outdoor cocktail party. But even if you’re not attending the annual debauchfest, you can still raise a glass … Continue reading

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Georgia-Florida cookies

A very important event is coming up, y’all. And I’m not talking about a Halloween party. The Georgia-Florida game is Saturday: the epic battle of good vs. evil, sundresses vs. jean shorts. Clearly we’re going to need some cookies. I … Continue reading

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Tell-tale heart chocolate-raspberry cupcakes

“It is impossible to say how first the idea entered my brain; but once conceived, it haunted me day and night.” It was the old man’s pale blue eye (with a film over it) that turned me into a cake-flour … Continue reading

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Super-fast fettucine alfredo

Back in my days of super-high metabolism and super-picky eating habits (aka the 80’s), fettucine alfredo was my go-to choice at Italian restaurants. I don’t order it very often anymore (a lot of restaurant versions aren’t good enough to justify … Continue reading

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