Photos taken while jogging

First, I want to apologize.

I totally meant to set up a bunch of posts to automatically appear while I was on vacation. But I only did two. Then I started packing and cleaning my house and when I was done I realized I should probably sleep at least like, two hours before we tried to get on a military plane to Hawaii. (That whole military plane thing didn’t work out on the way there, but we still went to Hawaii, and it was AWESOME. More on that later).

I’m still sorting through all the photos I took in Hawaii. But I wanted to share one of the posts that I meant to do before I left.

The story behind these photos is this: I never really got why most runners are so adamant about their hate of treadmills and love of running outside. Where we lived in North Carolina, there was nothing to look out outside, it was humid and buggy, and I had to run in the grass along a main road for part of the time. The treadmills at the gym, however, had TVs in front of them and fans nearby. Plus, I was terrible at pacing myself. Treadmills do that for you.

Then we moved to Annapolis. The gym here is hot and humid. There aren’t any TVs in the gym with the best hours, and they aren’t usually turned on in the other one. And I’m better at pacing myself now.

So, when I started this whole diet/exercise thing, I figured I would just go outside. And now I get it.

These photos were all taken with my cell phone, as I’m sure you can tell. I thought it would be kind of lame (and also annoying) to take my regular camera with me on walks/runs/jogs.

There is still that pesky heat/humidity/bug problem. But it turns out the scenery is pretty nice around here.

I really hate driving over the Bay Bridge. But it’s pretty to look at. And the beach is on the other side… so I will suck it up. Or make Toby drive.

Deer! I saw a bunny on that jog, too, but it was too quick for me to take a photo.

That one was actually taken while walking. And it’s obviously in Washington, not Annapolis. Forgive me.

Hope you guys have had a great week!

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One Response to Photos taken while jogging

  1. melissa says:

    See, I envy that you can jog outside. I love my tready…i feel like i’ll never outgrow him, because I honestly just can’t do the outside terrain! love the pics!

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