Baby Bulldawg cookies

One of my best friends recently had a baby. Hilary and I lived across the hall from each other our freshman year of college at University of Georgia, and then lived together for the next three years. Her husband, Matt, is also awesome and is one of the biggest UGA fans I know.

So, clearly I needed to bake some dawg bone cookies in honor of their future quarterback. Hilary loves dark chocolate and cinnamon, plus I figured darker cookies would be better with the red and black frosting. So I used the chocolate-cinnamon cookie recipe and the royal icing I used with the cherry blossom cookies.

I used Americolor super red gel food coloring, Chefmaster coal black and a little Wilton icing white (this is sometimes near the pastry bags and such, rather than the food coloring). The colors get a little brighter and darker when they dry, so you don’t have to make them quite as black or as red as you want the finished cookies to be.

Some of the polka dots were a little runny, but I think the cookies ended up pretty cute. I did some with his name, some with his initials and some with just an A for Austin.

But you don’t really care about photos of the cookies, right? You just want to see the baby. Get ready for an extra serving of adorable.

Welcome to the Bulldawg Nation, Austin!

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2 Responses to Baby Bulldawg cookies

  1. Hilary says:

    First Lily makes her blog debut on here and now Austin! Love it! Seriously, though, these cookies were so yummy. They didn’t hang around long in our house. Thank you again!!

  2. melissa says:

    omg, these are way too cute!! what a great way to welcome a lil bulldawg, Austin!! SO PRECIOUS!

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