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North Shore gluttony

We did pretty well with not over-eating (or over-drinking, amazingly enough) while we were in Hawaii… except for the day we drove up to the North Shore. That day, in addition to the pineapple float and shave ice, we tried … Continue reading

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Chicken and pineapple curry

I still have a lot more from our Hawaii trip I want to share with you. But I also wanted to share one of the dishes I’ve made since we’ve been back — from a Hawaiian cookbook I bought at … Continue reading

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Shave ice

I didn’t know until recently that snow cones, snowballs, shaved ice and other flavored ice concoctions varied from place to place. I mean, some are better than others. Duh. But I didn’t know there actually is a difference between, say, … Continue reading

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I have wanted to learn to surf for a really long time. I know I should have done it in North Carolina, but I didn’t want to do it by myself and Toby was deployed most of the summers. So … Continue reading

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Pineapple float

Have you ever seen pineapples growing? And did you know they aren’t native to Hawaii? They were brought over from South America. Now there are lots of pineapples growing in Hawaii — and lots of ways to consume it. The … Continue reading

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Photos taken while jogging

First, I want to apologize. I totally meant to set up a bunch of posts to automatically appear while I was on vacation. But I only did two. Then I started packing and cleaning my house and when I was … Continue reading

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Blueberry-mango smoothie

This smoothie is the reason we don’t have a rug in the living room anymore. The fact that I am still making it, despite the Blueberry Smoothie Incident of 2010, should tell you something. The recipe comes from the New … Continue reading

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