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Cherry pie

Anyone who has ever met me — and probably many who haven’t — know that I was not a fan of Jacksonville, N.C. One of the main problems I had with J-actionville was the lack of decent grocery stores. I … Continue reading

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Fear the (chocolate) goat

Tomorrow, (more than) a boatload of midshipmen will graduate from the Naval Academy and sail off into the sunset… or at least into the Navy and Marine Corps. That clearly calls for cookies. The Naval Academy’s mascot is Bill the … Continue reading

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Between reading “Brideshead Revisited” (which is lovely, by the way) and watching (kinda) the royal wedding… I have been craving scones for quite a while. But most store- and coffee-shop-bought scones are better for hammering nails or throwing at people … Continue reading

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Spaghetti alla Bon Appetit

As you might imagine, I was all about Bon Appetit’s May “Italy” issue. Especially the pasta al pomodoro on the cover and the “How to Make Perfect Pasta” tutorial. Now, I am pretty sure this is what the cover says … Continue reading

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Penguin encounter!

We recently went to Northern Kentucky to visit Toby’s mom and see his grandmother be named one of the 2010 Cincinnati Women of the Year. It also happened to be Easter, so my parents came down from Detroit. We all … Continue reading

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Motocakes (chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting)

If you read my post about the parties last week at our house, I’m sure you were wondering what I made for dessert. Because there is ALWAYS dessert. Well, I made these: And yes, those are EGAs on top. That … Continue reading

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Cinco de Mayo

I know it’s only Tres de Mayo, but I wanted to talk about Cinco de Mayo food. I had a minor (OK, major) freak out this weekend when I learned that 20 midshipmen were coming to our house for dinner … Continue reading

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