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Tropical carrot cake cupcakes

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while; I was out of town. But I wanted to share what I baked for Easter/my dad’s birthday. We usually have coconut cake for Easter, but this year I wanted to something a little … Continue reading

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I’ve been doing a whole lot more eating than shopping and swimming lately. But I did want to share some awesome eyeshadow sets I picked up a while back. As anyone who read my Watchmen review knows, I am not … Continue reading

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I love Peeps. I’m sure that isn’t surprising, given that I love marshmallows, candy corn and Red Vines. My friend Aaren thinks Peeps are disgusting (I await her comments below) and gave me a super-cute Peep-bunny Easter basket one year … Continue reading

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Artichoke and goat cheese strata

Toby really likes to have lots of food for breakfast or brunch, whereas I usually can only eat about a serving of cereal or two pancakes before I’m full. So, while Toby loves strata, I often can only eat a … Continue reading

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Cherry blossom cookies

The Cherry Blossom Festival ended Sunday, and tiny pink petals are floating all over DC — but some of the trees are still blooming. Toby and I went down to the tidal basin two weekends ago and it was beautiful. … Continue reading

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Biscuits with uber-flaky layers

Ever since I read “The Secret Life of Bees,” I’ve been obsessed with biscuits and honey. When I was reading it, I would buy a can or bag of frozen biscuits and make one or two at a time to … Continue reading

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Chocolate layer cake

About a year and a half ago, I met and interviewed a really amazing person: Gunnery Sgt. William J. Dixon, the Marine Corps funeral director. I have seen him a few times since, and was always surprised to see he … Continue reading

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