Shoes, boots and a French oven

One of my resolutions is to blog more about swimming and shopping-related topics. Now, there are tons of fashion bloggers out there, and I am not usually invited to NYC Fashion Week (sadly) so I don’t have a lot of inside info. But I do see a lot of cute stuff and I want to share it with you. Therefore, I am instituting a new feature called “Photos of cute stuff.” Creative, I know.

First, some shoes.

I am actually wearing these shoes right now. I got them for Christmas from my mother-in-law and I think they look like tweed tap shoes. LOVE THEM. They are a brand called All Black and came from Anthropologie, though they don’t seem to have any left. Nordstrom also carries shoes from this brand. And just to warn you, they run about a half-size small.

Next, booties:

I got these a few months ago at a super cute shoe store in Annapolis called Poppy and Stella.  They’re by Poetic License and are available in black and this mustard color from Nordstrom. I feel like they’re very Elizabethan.

And, after much searching, I found some brown boots! I got them at Macy’s, with a coupon my mom had…

They aren’t as cool as my friend Olga’s boots, but I love the buckle action at the top and the fact that they’re basically flat. They’re made by Lucky.

But perhaps the most exciting thing I got this Christmas was this:

I don’t know if it qualifies at “cute” (although I LOVE the color so much I can barely stand it), but it is definitely fabulous. I’ve wanted a Dutch or French oven for a while, but they are usually ridiculously expensive. The box on this one says the list price is $365. That is insane! But they had it at the outlet in Michigan on sale, then on sale again, and my mom is a preferred customer so we got free shipping (a good thing, since this weighs a ton). I ended up getting it for about $100. Yay for outlets!

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2 Responses to Shoes, boots and a French oven

  1. Molly says:

    Yay, cute stuff!

  2. the yellow and the B&W ones are wildly fierce!!!

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