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Fiesta fruit salad

I have this awesome cookbook I got when I was in San Antonio a few years ago (I think I may have actually purchased said cookbook at the Alamo), called Los Barrios Family Cookbook. In it is a lovely recipe … Continue reading

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De-volumizing serum?

Why is it that there are 100 different products to add volume to your hair, and none to get rid of it? The reason I’m asking is that my hair — which starts out straight and normal-ish each morning — … Continue reading

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Ridiculously easy chicken tacos

You are going to need some very special skills to make these chicken tacos. Namely: the ability to open a jar (or find a cute boy to do it for you) and the ability to push a button. So, those … Continue reading

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Chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting

As you may remember, my mom made me a Ding Dong cake for my birthday. Well, kind of. The thing is, I love the combination of chocolate and marshmallow. So I didn’t really care about having the chocolate ganache at … Continue reading

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Smith Island cake

As some of you may know, the official dessert of Maryland is the Smith Island cake. The original is a yellow cake with chocolate icing and has somewhere from six to 12 thin layers. But I took a peek at … Continue reading

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Mexican pinwheels

Hilary and Aaren would kill me if I didn’t post this recipe soon. So here we go. But don’t think you are going to get the recipe without a story. One of the cookbooks I use quite frequently (mainly because … Continue reading

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Just breathe

I was swimming tonight (only 1500 yards, because I got there late) and thinking about this article I read in the New York Times that talks about the importance of breathing and rhythm in swimming. It actually took me a … Continue reading

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