objects of desire

I think we should all take a moment and appreciate the following:

Back Rock Spectators, $148 (anthropologie.com)

Breakfasting dress, $138 (anthropologie.com)

Battenburg Lace Peplum Dress, $348 (betseyjohnson.com)

Rock-and-roll necklace, $225 (FENTON/FALLON for jcrew.com)

Chace Crawford in GQHmmm… now how did that one get in there?

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About Jen @ Marshmallows and Margaritas

Sugar addict / glitter lover / cocktail enthusiast
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2 Responses to objects of desire

  1. Molly says:

    I heart the shoes, breakfasting dress and jcrew necklace…and the man candy. Excellent taste as always.

  2. Melissa says:


    PS. How did Molly upload a photo of herself!?

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