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Key lime sherbet

Key lime pie is probably my favorite thing ever. Good key lime pie — not nasty, green, gelatinous, sorry-excuse-for-key-lime pie. As such, I also love other stuff with key lime juice. And I am actually allowed to eat small amounts … Continue reading

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swimsuit issues

I haven’t been writing much about swimming because I figured it’s not that interesting to read about how many laps I did or didn’t swim. But I could use some advice. I got a new lap swimming bathing suit at … Continue reading

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Just say no to diaper shorts

I get a “Look of the Day” e-mail every day from — each has five photos of well-dressed celebrities, with one chosen as the best look of the day. Yesterday, the main photo was this: OK. The jacket/top/necklace/bracelet combo … Continue reading

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Yumtastic chocolate chip cookies

So, obviously Toll House chocolate chip cookies are pretty fabulous. But ever since seeing this article in the New York Times about the best chocolate chip cookies ever, I was dying to try them. They aren’t without issues. For one, … Continue reading

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Monster cookies

These are my little brother’s favorite cookies. They also work really well for sending in the mail — they are sturdy enough that they don’t get broken in transit, and apparently they keep for a while. When I sent some … Continue reading

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objects of desire

I think we should all take a moment and appreciate the following: Hmmm… now how did that one get in there?

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Mmmm… lentils.

I’ll be honest. About a year ago, I didn’t really know what a lentil was. I figured it was some type of bean-type item, mainly because my diet book told me I should have a cup of beans, chickpeas or … Continue reading

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